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We’re storytellers with distinct voices and attitudes.

You’ll be moved.
You’ll definitely laugh.
And we promise to terrify you.
Sometimes we’ll do it all in one movie.
We’ll provoke you and provoke a conversation.
We’re telling our stories. And they will become your stories.

A new forward-thinking multi-generational Production Company with footing in
New Jersey, New York, and Los Angeles

Hailing from the team behind Project Write Now, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization transforming individuals, organizations, and communities through writing, Last Stop Productions highlights unique voices to bring honest, thoughtful stories to life.

Last Stop Productions was founded in 2021 by six individuals with varied backgrounds and skillsets, who shared a common passion for great film and television content. Several of the partners have deep experience in all facets of script development and highly successful, award winning film and television production. Four of the partners are accomplished award-winning screenwriters, creating unique, engaging horror/paranormal and comedy content. With several high quality, fully developed screenplays in hand, the partners set out to take their passion to the next level.

Stand Up And Die

Written by Michael Etra

A struggling comedian finds unexpected success performing eulogies but mayhem ensues when he becomes involved with a shady funeral home, dangerous mobsters, and the feds.

BEST SCREENPLAY: Atlantic City Cinefest
BEST FEATURE SCRIPT: London Movie Awards

Written by John Leary

On Christmas Eve, Bink, the friendly bartender, just wants to close shop and get home to his girl, however, when an armed bounty hunter shows up, Bink must confront his violent past, protect the peaceful life he’s built, and use all of his special abilities to secure the future he desires.

BEST SCREENPLAY: The Brightside Tavern Film Fest
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Southern City Film Festival, Princeton Film Festival

Last Stop Before Exit

Written by John Leary and Lizzie Finn

After being murdered at a desolate rest stop, a high-powered businesswoman finds herself trapped in limbo, and must work with eight other female murder victims to bring their sadistic killers to justice before they strike again.

BEST SCREENPLAY: Edison International Film Festival, Four Corners Film Festival, Chatham-Kent International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION:Orlando International Film Festival, Vancouver Badass Film Festival, Austin Revolution Film Festival

Old Daddy

Written by Michael Etra and Amy Etra

After his therapists license is suspended, Archie Kaufman (60) stays home to raise
baby Shane and must learn to navigate
the high-pressure world of Manhattan’s
playgroups, nanny culture, and infant
yoga; meanwhile his wife, Ava (40), who
is still nursing and secretly pregnant,
takes on the role of provider, reluctantly returning to the fast-paced, misogynistic world of fashion.

BEST TV PILOT: Hollywood Script Award,
Festigious International Film Festival
Toronto Women Film Festival. Award

Snake Hill

Written by Lizzie Finn

When bodies are discovered on the land
she is developing, an heiress who has
spent her entire life running from a legacy of mental illness and addiction must contend with real ghosts and figure out a way to reverse a deadly curse before she loses everything – including her family fortune and her life.

BEST SCREENPLAY: Rome Movie Awards, 
Sweet Democracy Film Awards
BEST HORROR SCRIPT: New York International Film Awards
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards, Hollywood Gold Awards

Projects In Development

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Interested in Content and Productions:
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Lizz Finn- Director of Development

Kristen Vaganos- Producer

Interested in Operations or Finance:

David Karp- Manager

Paul Schweitzer- Manager

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